Japan Golden Collection

DVD Packaging (close up)

The Collection: This DVD collection is inspired by Japanese traditional prints but a modern twist. The set features three well-known classic Japanese movies: Godzilla, Tokyo Story, and Seven Samurai. Each illustration showcases a key object that summarizes the movie into one graphic without giving away spoilers. The color palette of the package is influenced by Ukiyo-e prints to give the project a vintage and historic look. The final set is composed of three DVD boxes, discs, shirts and posters, that go inside a collectors box that keeps everything together.

Tokyo Story Poster
Seven Samurai Poster
Seven Samurai Poster
Godzilla Poster
Godzilla Poster

DVDs (from left to right: Tokyo Story, Seven Samurai, and Godzilla)

Tokyo Story shirt
Seven Samurai shirt
Godzilla shirt

Set of Shirts