HACEP Annual Report

The Report: The 2014 HACEP Annual Report was designed to showcase the achievements and goals accomplished during the business year. With the theme “Building Home Together,” the report aimed to emphasize the importance of the families and residents residing in the properties managed by HACEP. This focus was significant as the company’s core objective is to support and enhance the communities they serve.

The cover of the report features a collage of different objects representing the diverse residents of HACEP. From toys symbolizing the many children in these communities to the shoes of hardworking parents, these objects serve as a visual representation of the residents’ lives. Throughout the report, subtle references to the family depicted on the cover are woven into the content. The subsequent page introduces the family depicted on the cover, showcasing them as a representation of the thousands of residents within these communities. This portrayal serves as a glimpse into the lives of the individuals whom HACEP serves on a daily basis.

Cover, back cover and icon Photography by: Lencho Guerra

*HACEP changed its name in 2021 and now the organization is known as HOME (Housing Opportunity Management Enterprises).