Exhibitor Prospectus

The Task: At the beginning of each year, the Exhibitor Coordinator is responsible for selling exhibitor space for the AARC Congress. The AARC Congress is an annual event held in the last quarter of the year, where members from around the world gather to network, honor distinguished members, share new research, and participate in various activities.

For Congress 2022, the Exhibitor Coordinator aimed to create a comprehensive exhibitor prospectus that provided all the necessary information for companies interested in participating as exhibitors at this prominent event. The final product needed to be engaging and visually appealing, while presenting the benefits and opportunities available to exhibitors in a clear and concise manner.

The Layout: For this project, I opted for a horizontal layout instead of a vertical one to introduce a fresh design approach and deviate from the traditional format. The color scheme primarily consisted of black, purple, and yellow, paying homage to the event’s location. The integration of black and purple photography throughout the booklet was a deliberate choice to align with the established branding and maintain visual consistency.

The imagery used was a blend of photographs capturing the event’s location, images from the previous year’s event, and selected stock photography to showcase the diverse membership. Typography was skillfully manipulated to emphasize key numbers and important facts, ensuring they caught the viewer’s attention immediately.